Trends in Service-Logistics

Service Digitisation via App?

Mobile Integration, being a major focus in current Field Service solutions, has brought the Apps wave to the front pages. Can Apps modeling deliver the facts or fulfill the needs?

Everybody loves Apps. No doubt Apple's Mobile revolution has shifted gears towards Mobile ease generating enormous success for closed iOS applications. With mashups a new world of small screen applications is evolving.

Integrating the field force by Mobile is a major efficiency driver in service management. But it's not the only one. Interface usability is just one side of the coin. Bringing the right content onto the mobile screen is a priority. Matter of facts is dynamic processing – in real time. Question is, whether Apps can resolve this best. Real time messaging and updating are further objectives to remind. Last but not least alternative technical solutions play a role.

Redundancy free server based Business Logic

With the service logistics market still being in its infancy Mobile apps in field service will have every chance of success. However seamless mobile integration can be reached by full server oriented solutions as well. Or even better, when the front end is completely independent from the application side. Focusing the logic on the server side makes life much easier from many aspects. One side only, to maintain, being the most rewarding factor. Running on all sort of devices being the next.

LogObject is focusing an open platform Mobile strategy. A server based architecture allows using several Mobile devices, from Smartphone to Laptop and Tablet. On iOS, Android and Windows. HTTPS server communication is supplemented by a caching mechanism which allows operation in GSM uncovered areas. The Mobile Client acts as a slim Client and as such has no synchronisation issues. Not to forget: No lock-in – it runs on any and thus on the field services favourite device.