Advantage through your own 
Private Cloud

>>> Flexible Cloud wins in Customisation and ROI

Why the LogObject flexible Cloud works more efficiently and
Guarantees Long-term Flexibility and Data Autonomy

The LogObject Individual Standard solutions achieve true end-to-end process realisation through a strategically modular software architecture.

Customising the solution is necessary for maximising efficiency based on proven business layers with a well-developed interface availability to enable much faster implementation with a higher degree of integration. In general, an adaptation of existing systems is not necessary and places no burden on internal IT resources.

Compared to monolithic Group solutions, which – due to limited service orientation – implements adjustments only by intervening in the core system and implement extensions based on fixed release categories, mLogistics® offers a direct and long-term flexibility. The result is a significantly better TCO and usually a positive return on investment after just one year.

Why SaaS out-of-the-box is not always profitable

The alleged cost advantages of standardised out-of-the-box SaaS solutions lead to higher costs due to the lack of end-to-end functionality and simultaneous loss of efficiency in operational business. In particular, the dependency and restriction on available basic processes means that the user orientates according to the options of the solution instead of the solution following the user's needs.

SaaS solutions always require the most comprehensive package for workflow capability, since usually only this expensive package enables a workflow with system-specific limited customisations. The result is a continuously high monthly fixed cost block for all users, even if only individual users need the entire range of functions. Individual adjustments can, if at all possible, be realised only by intervention in the package. This results in a departure from the standard of the SaaS solution, and consequently, a high level of maintenance when extensions to the standard functions affect an individual customisation.

mLogistics® implements a Flexible Cloud with Guaranteed Data Autonomy

mLogistics® is based on a functional core for elementary algorithmic driven basic functions. The business logic required for an industry is provided via existing function modules. Standard implementations require two to three modules. Further requirements are realised via existing additional function modules. Special customisations are implemented at the additional function level, requiring no changes to the core system and the underlying fundamental logistics engine, providing a high cost advantage while providing stability and flexibility for growing individual needs.

The LogObject Framework solution offers significant system benefits compared to SaaS solutions. mLogistics® realises its own solution with its own database structure and completely independent data management. The solution can be completely hosted by LogObject or operated in the Customer data centre and thus allows for an own flexible private Cloud. Users have maximum data autonomy and can implement any desired compliance requirement.