mLogistics® Complex Order Management

​>>> Systematics & Core Functions

Solving Complexity by Automation and Coordinating Interdisciplinary Teams

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  • Steps - phases - milestones
  • Visually-assisted planning
  • All facts on one screen
  • Bottleneck prediction and control
    with assisted job moving
  • Complete subcontractor integration

Next generation tour planning and scheduling: mLogistics® Complex Order Processing

mLogistics® solves the typical problem with individual service requirements and dependencies on individual subcontractors. The software provides a unique control of ongoing projects to the level of individual job decisions - all in one central command dashboard.


No control and no overview of the increasing complexity of individual orders and their impact on the overall service situation


  • Top-down project overview with an integrated command function
    - all resources and dependencies on one screen
    - click through to the lowest job level with direct adaptation
  • Order templates set up in a structured process for individual project jobs
  • Visual project presentation with network planning of dependencies
  • Critical path analysis
  • Role-based planning functions
  • Full flexibility to switch between automatic and manual planning
  • Active subcontractor integration through resource marketplace model
    - Skill and Geo based job assignment
    - First-come-first-serve job consent
    - complete process integration of external teams