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Consistent Logistics Management complemented by Optimal Mobile Workflow

LogObject’s advantage derives from a combination of scientific logistics processes and extensive service management experience. By using logistics methods a process-oriented industrialisation of service processes is achieved delivering maximum efficiency levels, and thus enabling huge improvements in results.

Real-time Scheduling for Optimal Disposition

mLogistics® superior scheduling is based on its unique Real Time Adaptive Logistics Engine: Disposition decisions about the next service dispatch can be taken at the optimum latest possible point in time.

This is made possible by the LogObject unique Dynamic Fuzzy Logic. The planning and scheduling sequence takes place non-linearly, as a continuous process in a closed control mechanism (closed-loop control system).

Instead of one time batch processing leading to a static schedule, mLogistics® uses a continuous process resulting in a dynamic schedule. Each change in the closed loop system is processed instantly into the system and is used for an effective real time decision about the next best possible use of any resource.

Real Time Adaptive Logistics Engine ©by LogObject.com

Real-time Adaptive Logistics Engine built as a closed loop cycle

Current service requirements can be scheduled immediately for all resources, compared to static planning systems that create a fixed schedule for a planned period of time with unproductive gaps in the time table for contingency service requirements. mLogistics® enables dynamic planning without these contingency gaps, leading to optimum utilisation of resources and a superior level of service.

Mobile Workforce Management - on any Platform

mLogistics® implements the Mobile front-end with an open platform strategy. Server-based architecture allows the use on all platforms - Smartphone, Laptop or Tablet. Communication with the server is based on encrypted HTTPS connections with compressed algorithm. Automated software updates support upgrading. A caching mechanism supports offline use without an existing GSM connection. Overall, the Mobile terminal operates as a thin Client and therefore prevents any synchronisation problems.

Workforce-Management Mobile-Devices ©by LogObject.com

mLogistics® Mobile front-end fully supports iOS, Android and Windows. An optional browser front-end is available for further external integrations and work situations. Thus complex on-site workflows are fully served on Tablet or Notebook.

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