PELIX© Overview

>>>Integrated Command Centre

Command Centre Swiss Made: 
Complete Command Operations Dynamics in one integrated logistics management solution

PELIX© Command centre dispatches emergency personnel and organises time-critical processes based on resource availability originated in real-time.

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PELIX© – the new generation of integrated
deployment systems: from reactive to proactive

With the integration of LogObject software technology, and the know-how of the Europe-wide leading workforce management solution mLogistics®, the PELIX© command centre is augmented into a comprehensive logistics management unit. The result is full dynamic scheduling, that coordinates alarm and emergency moments with the planning of ongoing daily tasks thus guaranteeing optimum deployment of Resources.

Real-time logistics management - the core
for maximum efficiency

PELIX© integrates the classic reactive emergency mood with the proactive mindset of workforces:
Reactive logistics for the immediate handling of all emergency events with the required urgency and priority.
Proactive logistics, so that routine tasks can be logistically planned, scheduled, assigned, monitored and reworked.

Reactive Logistics

Proactive Logistics


PELIX© implements an integrated overall system for operational action and information-specific elements.

PELIX© at a glance

pLogistics operations center PELIX© enables an enormous degree of automation by
integrating the command centre into a high-performance resource management

Dynamic Disposition

Dynamic Disposition

Assignment in real time, based on current availability

Resource Planning

Situational resource planning

Dynamic allocation of proactive orders for optimal capacity utilization

100% Digitisation

100% Digitisation

Integrated ABI case management and paperless work processes

Device Neutral Usage

Web-based usage

Device-neutral maintenance-free mobile use with offline support

Media Free Processing

Media-free case processing

Fast incident recording with image, video, sound and documentation

Open Architecture

Open architecture

Flexible cloud options, individual workflows and open interfaces

More than a Command Centre:
Automated Dynamic Workflows — End-to-End

PELIX© complete end-to-end implementation is based on dynamic workflows with a level of integration that maximizes efficiency. The application realizes individual requirements and allows specific configurations for finely granulated adjustments down to the personal work level.

PELIX© Core benefits and differentiation

  • Dynamic resource management of proactive deployments
  • Individual workflow on task level
  • Flexible integration architecture, cloud-optional
  • Comprehensive interface management for every requirement

PELIX© automates deployment management while optimizing individual requirements across the application. Thus, and through extensive, proven interfaces, an individual standard is guaranteed in the context of cross-system harmonization.