Resource Management for
Emergency Organisations

Resource Management for
Emergency Organisations


Logistics-optimised Command Centre and
process-oriented Case Management

pLogistics Integrated BORS Solution:

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Dynamic Disposition

Reactive logistics

Dynamic allocation of
alarm based events

Dynamic Resource Allocation

Proactive logistics

Dynamic assignment of
currently free resources

Process-based Case Management

Individual processes

Processor-oriented case management
dynamic and mobile

Digital Transformation in
Security Operations Logistics and Case Management-
to achieve more with less

With pLogistics, LogObject integrates PELIX© command control centre solution and myABI® case management for continuous digitisation of all events and processes. With this comes maximum efficiency for Authorities and Organisations for rescue and safety to be achieved.

Real-time configuration of all event types and concurrent changes lead to a recalculation of available resources to deliver the best possible reaction to any alarm.

Proactive management of logistical resources, ensures routine tasks are dynamically planned, scheduled, assigned and monitored and reworked later in a paperless environment.

pLogistics Public Safety Digitisation provides maximum operational readiness and, in partnership with cost savings and capacity release delivers more with less.

Command centre for Security Organisations -
Emergency mindset integrated with dynamic resource management

myABI® by

Digitised Police Case Management -
Dynamic and Mobile, can be integrated into the PELIX© command centre