myABI Overview

​>>>process-orientated Case Management End-to-End

End-to-End Digitisation in Police Case Management

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Managing all processes with individual workflows – Dynamically and Mobile

With the acquisition of the leading Swiss police case management ABI, LogObject has extended the successful solution for continuous digitisation. In addition to a revised mobile-optimised user management, the focus is on the mapping of an end-to-end workflow for paperless processing.

Systematic structuring and easy individualisation implemented in the Mobile optimised myABI®

Event type and processing status control the process of structured documentation of an event. By configuring individually configured workflows, a specific standard can be created for each situation in event processing. Events are recorded in a structured manner and processes can be processed according to an individual system.

myABI® case management solution optimises individual requirements at the local community level and enables individual processes and workflows in Mobile use.

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myABI® – Advantages of the ABI Upgrade

myABI® digitizes the police transaction processing and enables a
individual adaptation of the workflow processes in a sustainable solution

Document Creation


Structured data acquisition and automated document creation

Process Automation

Incident-based automation

Event Type and Processing Status control the workflow process

Modul Configuration

Modular configuration

Easy customization and enhancement to workflow customization

Mobile Interface

Mobile web user interface

Easy use and maintenance optimized for mobile use

Individual Workflow

Situational deployment workflow

Different workflow implementation for front or workplace execution

User Authorization

New authorization concepts

Structurable allocation rights to task allocation and responsibility

Continuous digitisation as a total solution for a flexible future orientation

myABI's end-to-end implementation is based on dynamic workflows that are easily customized to meet any requirement. A finely granular adaptation of mobile and workstation processes enables seamless processes and fast processing. Even complex, multi-stage workflow situations are automated.

myABI's core advantages and differentiation

  • Complete digitization and individual task-level workflow
  • Automation of multi-level processes and approvals
  • Flexible modular integration architecture with a simple modular structure
  • Complete support of process harmonization in transaction processing

myABI® automates transaction processing and, with full integration into the PELIX© dispatch center, offers a future-proof public security solution