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mLogistics® Industrial Solution

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End-to-End Service Management Software
for Route Planning and First Class Customer Services

mLogistics® Integrated Service Factory

Driving Digital Future. Now.

GPS Service Automation

Service Automation

Scaling of complex processes,
repeatable for fast execution

Service Process Systematics

PPS Systematic

Production Planning and Control of
all service and support processes

Workflow Integration

Flexible Integration

Modular-based integration into any situation,
easy to implement and expand

​​​​Digital Transformation in Customer Services - achieve more with less

The quality of Customer Service affects Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty.

A perfectly organised service at Customer site delivers a competitive advantage. Better problem diagnosis, staff selection, material supply and dynamic real-time scheduling increase speed and first-time-fix-rate.

Positive Customer Experience leads to new order opportunities, initiated and processed directly, on the spot, in person. Service digitisation enables cost savings and revenue enhancements - achieving more with less.

Why perfect

Optimum service scheduling allows for high cost savings and significant competitive advantages. Customer satisfaction and loyalty are achieved when perfect service is provided..

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How to reach a
Service Profit Centre?

Consistent Customer orientation and digitisation lead to operational excellence and thus more income opportunities through optimal utilisation and maximum cost efficiency.

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​​​​How to
automate Services?

​Scaling services requires logistics-based control of all processes and one solution that integrates seamlessly with existing ERP systems.

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​​​​​​End-to-End Service Management in one Workflow:
maximum efficiency - automated

Digital Transformation with Rapid ROI
in job execution 

8 core areas for direct cost savings - daily:

Less travel and vehicle costs through optimised
journey planning

Serve more Customers
in less time

Automated order allocation by priority and status of
maintenance contracts

No off-time due to real-time scheduling and status messages

Direct billing and documentation by the service technician

Higher first-time-fix-rate via skills and service vehicle inventory

Forward material planning and procurement logistics

Integration and control of sub-contractors on multi-stage projects

Individual Standard – The LogObject Difference

End-to-end real-time processing for any environment based on core-based open software architecture

by nature

GPS Service Automation

Individual Customisation as standard

mLogistics® is designed for rapid, complex customisation. Based on mLogistics® Real-Time Adaptive Logistics Engine specific industry modules are installed and can be adapted precisely at business logic level. 

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complex order

Workflow Integration

Complex Projects Automation

mLogistics® end-to-end core supports complex jobs with multi-level project automation with various sub-contractors and integrates them completely. This means that outsourcing is automated and actively managed.

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by logistics

Service Process Systematics

Integration with any ERP

mLogistics® holistic approach, outsourcing all scheduling and logistics processes into the mLogistics® solution, integrates and activates the existing ERP - without costly adjustments.

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„Not just dispatching.

Our approach activates existing ERP systems through consistent real-time logistics.”

The LogObject mission is the realisation of performance-critical job workflows in a holistic solution - real end-to-end. 

Why LogObject?

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Dynamic Process Management by mLogistics®

50 0.000 Service Dispositions/ day
65 Million Customer Base Served
> 50 .000 Service Technicians / Task Forces

Current figures based on monthly average of daily on site service jobs for the existing universe of all LogObject's users customer base and their total number of servicetechnicans available